May 2020

May is here and nature is spreading open and taking over the landscape again.  Some days farming are so isolated, calm and repetitive that it doesn’t even feel like there is a global plague at all.


A baby apricot set and growing in the belly of a pregnant apricot flower.

The flowers have come and gone from the fruit trees leaving behind tiny green balls we have to trust will ripen into sugar filled fruits. The beets and carrots and parsnips, the entire brassica family, all need their first weeding.  The potatoes need hilling. The garden beds for hot summer vegetables need to be made. Zucchinis, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants.  Beans are sprouting.  Peas are asking for something to climb onto.

broccoli before and after.jpg

A row of broccoli, before and after its first weeding

Approximately ten days after easter we got the first eggs from our chickens and they haven’t stopped coming.  Consequently we have been basking in the joys of new sustainable food creation. Feeding them weeds pulled out of the garden, soaking grain and mixing it into piles of what used to be vegetable waste, to become a house for worms and bugs – endless entertainment and food for our chickens.

eggs and egg products.jpg
Combining our eggs with some of our plague sourdough starter to make very cozy pastry.

We are so excited to have enough eggs (and sourdough starter) to share now,  you can buy our eggs at our virtual storefront available through the Penticton Farmer’s Market for pick up every Saturday.  (For inquiries on that plague sourdough starter, just email

Hopefully soon the eggs as well as all our fresh and dried products will be available for purchase at the outdoor farmer’s market once the plans for safe and distanced vending have been approved by the city.   Until then, thank you for your thoughts, kind words and most of all for supporting your local food producers.



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